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Healthcode Account | Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) – Making it mandatory for all users

Healthcode Account

Healthcode Account | Making 2FA mandatory

Why would I make 2FA mandatory?

2FA is an access management method that we’ve implemented to add an additional layer of security to the data held in your Healthcode Account. As an Account Manager you may want all the users who access your account(s) and associated sites to use 2FA and we’ve given you an easy way to make it mandatory.

Once you’ve enforced use, everyone with access to your account(s) must setup 2FA the next time they try to log in. They won’t be able to disable this feature unless you decide to turn it off.

Setting it up

Before you begin you’ll need to set up 2FA on your own user login. If you haven’t done this, you’ll be asked to do this first.

Log into your Healthcode Account, click the person icon in the top right-hand of the screen, select My Account from the menu and then select Two-Factor Authentication from the available tabs. If you’re the manager of multiple accounts make sure the correct one is selected from the account drop-down menu in the top right of the screen.

Toggle Enforce Two-Factor Authentication on.

What happens if I disable this feature?

This won’t remove 2FA from the users who’ve set this up but they’ll now be able to remove it if they want, making their access less secure.

Need more support?

If you need further help just get in touch with us.

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The Healthcode Academy is run by our friendly and knowledgeable Service Delivery Associates. They offer practical and relevant modular tutorials about our products highlighting the wealth of useful features and help you to use them with confidence. Each free online session uses your own data for real-time examples and lasts between 30-60 minutes. Don’t have the time? Take a look at our bite-sized modules instead.

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