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ePractice won't let you down

Invoicing through ePractice guarantees results says Pete Crutchley, the boss of Medical Healthcare Management (MHM). Find out how Pete has used ePractice to create a thriving business for himself – and his clients.

What they needed


An expert in business process and cash flow management in the commercial sector, Pete set up MHM in 2010 after coming to the rescue of a consultant who had a busy private medical practice but was struggling to make any money. The business is now in its thirteenth year and has gone from strength to strength, thanks to Pete’s reputation for efficiency, service and accuracy. There are currently 24 consultants on his books with more eagerly waiting in the wings.

Pete’s clients needed a way to take control of their invoicing and ensure that they, as Pete says "Invoice right, get paid right. Insurance companies are not the ‘enemy’ – they will pay promptly if invoiced correctly.”

Why Healthcode?


Pete's convinced that Healthcode’s ePractice solution is the perfect way to create and securely submit electronic invoices to insurers on behalf of his clients. “The simple reason I use Healthcode is because it works,” he continues. “When I submit invoices, I can guarantee they will be delivered because the system is reliable and accurate. The fact that it is also really quick is a bonus but the reliability and accuracy are non-negotiable.” He’s pleased that his commitment to consultants is echoed by Healthcode which has invested in its customer service operation in the last two years. “I actually rang Healthcode yesterday because one of my guys had been fully recognised by an insurer but wasn’t on the system. It took one phone call and six minutes later the issue was sorted and I could submit the invoice.”

Check out other great features

Key features


Invoices are quick, easy to create and simple to submit with ePractice. Integrating with the Clearing Service ensures these are automatically checked against insurers' validation criteria. If it detects that information is missing or incorrect, the user is prompted to take action although Pete rarely encounters any problems. “I’m rigid in my demand for the correct data up front,” he says.

Impact on their business


“One of my consultants saw ten patients at his clinic this morning which was worth between £2,000 – £3,000. He sent me his clinic list with the necessary data and it took me about 30 minutes to submit those invoices. When I checked an hour later, they had all been verified and were awaiting collection.

“If one of my clients asks whether an invoice has been sent, I’m able to look it up on the Healthcode system straight away. For example, I can currently see that patient x was seen on Monday, I invoiced AXA that evening and the invoice status showed it had been received the next day.”

Pete works from his offices in Wolverhampton but he says one of the other big benefits of the solution is its accessibility, enabling him to attend to his clients’ needs wherever he may be. “If there’s an emergency, I can literally log onto the Healthcode website from the beach,” he laughs. “That wouldn’t have been possible when I started but it’s the reality of medical billing in 2022.”

Overall, using ePractice for invoicing means Pete can be certain that he will not let his clients down.

The way I run my businesses is that if I shake hands on something, I will deliver and Healthcode gives me that guarantee.

Pete Crutchley, Medical Healthcare Management (MHM)