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Claims Management

The ultimate health check to breathe new life into your claims process

Our decades of experience in the private healthcare sector, mean we understand the challenges you face. That’s why we've worked tirelessly to find a better way. Ensure your business vitals are healthy with our family of secure, accurate and efficient solutions.

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Our Claims Management tools automate your day to day billing tasks – from invoicing and authorisation to payments and secure communications.

How does it work? Simply pick and mix from our range of products to find the perfect fit for you.


Give your invoices the full check up and take the pain out of validation and bill clearing. Forget the time and cost inefficiencies of traditional paper invoicing. Simply process your invoices from a single, secure online platform.

Clearing Service

No one likes to fail. Especially when it comes to invoices that require timely payment. We ensure your invoices contain all the necessary information, codes and formats required for payment. Send with confidence.

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Supercharge your bill clearing with superior validation. Reduce the burden of admin with sophisticated checks. Bolt-ons help you take control to increase speed, accuracy and efficiency.

Online Payments

We’re here to make life easier for you and your patients. Save time and money with an online payment solution from ePractice. Offer convenience and peace of mind to your patients with secure links for payments.

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Clinical Coding Toolkit

Demystify diagnosis and procedure codes as we read between the lines so you don’t have to. Our visual toolkit will help you translate clinical classifications into plain language for every level of user.

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We understand that authorisation – whilst essential – is one of the biggest billing bugbears. So here's the good news. You can forget the tedious process and exhaustive interactions. We've a choice of solutions designed for you.

Find Member

Eliminate time-consuming communications. With the click of a button practitioners, clinics and hospitals can quickly and securely check they have the right membership number for patients. Get it right first time every time. It really is as simple as that.

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Revolutionise patient care and eliminate laborious and manual tasks with our game-changing solution to pre-authorisation. We think outside the box so you can put a tick in it. Quickly and securely validate and verify patients for treatments.

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Being paid in a timely manner impacts success for every business. And this is where your admin matters. Our innovative payment solutions ensure that your cash flow is healthy. Leaving you to concentrate on providing an exceptional patient experience.

Electronic Remittances

Financial reconciliation isn’t the most glamorous subject– but it's a necessity. Stay informed. Whether you're letting providers know about payments and shortfalls, or matching payments from payors to your bills – we keep you in the know.

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Collection Service

Two great tools to automate payment collection. Send electronic invoices to your self-pay patients straight from your system. For hospitals and practices our shortfall solution automatically identifies and notifies your patients of any outstanding amounts – so they know as soon as you do.

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Secure Communications

We know how important personal data is to protect and the trust that patients place in you to keep their information safe. We take this responsibility very seriously. Communicate with other industry professionals using our secure online tools.

Secure Messaging

Whilst sending an email is easy, it isn’t secure. For a solution as simple, fast and efficient – but with all the protection you need – use Secure Messaging. Transfer confidential and personal information and files to communicate with ease.

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We're passionate about efficient and secure sharing of information in the private healthcare sector. And the result of this passion is healthDrive. The easy and secure way to store sensitive information and collaborate effectively.

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