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Delivering the healthcare appointment booking revolution

Our integrated channel exchange is what you’ve all been waiting for – a ground-breaking transformation of the appointment booking process for patients, practitioners, hospitals, insurers, practices and clinics. Make ICE a part of your business and embrace the benefits of our innovative real-time solution.

Powering the appointment booking process for private health care


Society today demands that everything's instant - bookings for travel, hotels, deliveries, restaurants. Until now the private healthcare sector has been left behind but here's a central solution to make online appointment booking possible.

The UK’s private healthcare sector is made up of thousands of practitioners seeing patients at thousands of locations. Most booking processes are inefficient and labour intensive. Avoid double booking, unused slots and missed opportunities. Open to anyone, ICE holds all practitioner availability in a central location. Now you can exchange real-time information. All with our revolutionary solution.

The benefits

This is how it works

It's as simple as accessing, booking and syncing.

The result - allows anyone offering healthcare services to share them anyone who wants to search for them.

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The features

  • One integration to reach the entire network
  • Hospitals, practitioners, practices and clinics can publish their services and availability synchronising across multiple websites and at the same time maintaining control of their own diaries
  • Opens up each provider’s products and services portfolio to a wider audience
  • Allows easy booking and confirmation of appointments using your own software
  • Each diary owner has full control over what they share and who with
  • Delivers real-time availability to everyone, efficiently, accurately and securely
  • Front end: this is down to you - you project manage your development, delivered by your team to your design and requirements; adapt your existing website or build a new front end to meet your branding and search criteria
  • Back end: the hidden engine room that enables the integration and transactions - we supply all the technical documentation to build your API integration

What it means for you

Practitioners, Practices and Clinics

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Software developers

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