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A new era for private healthcare technology

Can you imagine a time where unnecessary paperwork, miscommunication, time delays to patient care and cumbersome processes ceased to exist? We can. And we could back in 2001. Our vision then was to develop secure, user-friendly technology to revolutionise your business. Our restless nature means we didn't stop there. Our vision continues - for us and for you.

Our Mission


We first planted our flag on the healthcare landscape over 20 years ago. Since then we've been flying that flag as the experts in online solutions through our pioneering technology. Our mission now is simple. To remain as the recognised and trusted experts in revolutionising healthcare processes. Whilst knowledge drives the improvement to your daily practices – our passion keeps us focused on providing quality service to you.

3,753,206 Number of invoices processed (Jan - Apr 2024)
43,658 Number of registered practitioners on The PPR
22 Years + delivering innovative online solutions

Our story

Once upon a time – over 20 years ago, long before Bitcoin, TikTok and robotic surgeons were even a twinkle in the universe – we took our first baby steps into the world of encrypted online solutions for the private healthcare sector. A forward-thinking family unit – made up of key players in the sector – had a lightbulb moment. And from these ideas about a better way to connect healthcare businesses, the foundations of Healthcode were laid.

Now those baby steps have become giant leaps for the industry. Continually developing, responding and breaking new ground. Pioneering new ways to improve efficiency and banish ineffective admin processes. All in the interest of making the lives of those using our solutions easier. Our story doesn’t stop here either. We hope you’ll join us for our next chapter – and for yours.

We're on a B Corp journey


This year we’re excited to be going on our journey to meet high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

We’ll be assessed across 5 categories: governance, workers, community, the environment and customers.

Working at Healthcode


Great people are at the centre of our success. From our insightful product development and technology whizzes to our marketing ninjas and kind, patient and knowledgeable Customer Services team – everyone makes a difference. Come and be a part of the Healthcode family and make a difference to the industry too.

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