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Healthcode Academy

Healthcode Academy provides brand new insights for long-term ePractice user

Every day is a school day at the Healthcode Academy. Private practice PA Charlie Russell, tells us how our free online tutorials really opened her eyes to the wealth of useful features. Find out how this seasoned user is putting her new knowledge into practice.

What they needed


Charlie Russell, who is based in Cambridgeshire, is PA to general surgeon Mr Neil Russell. Although she'd been using ePractice since January 2018, Charlie jumped at the chance to take part in online training with Healthcode Academy so she could better understand the system and its capabilities.

Charlie explained why she had taken the time to extend her skills. “Healthcode is extremely intuitive anyway so I had managed to navigate my way around over the years and would call if I had any problems. However, this training offered me the opportunity to refresh what I knew and also learn about the other functions.”

The training was well thought out and professionally delivered. The trainer moved at my pace and tailored the content to focus on areas where I needed more support. Working on our own system and with our own patients in real time also helped me understand and feel more confident.

Charlie Russell, PA - General Surgeon, Mr Neil Russell

Why Healthcode?


Launched in 2021, the Healthcode Academy provides modular online tutorials with our friendly and knowledgeable Service Delivery Associates. Each free online session uses your data for real-time examples and lasts between 30-60 minutes.

Modules completed


Charlie benefited from the following ePractice modules:
- Setting and configuration - which covers how to customise ePractice to individual needs
- Billing - which focuses on how to efficiently create and submit electronic invoices
- Payments - which looks at how to manage payments, remittances, credit control and reminders

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Impact on their business


The training gave Charlie the knowledge and ability to use ePractice more effectively, making use of shortcuts on the Quick Menu and system features to help with day-to-day tasks. “For example, I’d been doing a lot of paper billing to patients but I now feel confident about using the patientzone electronic billing function to do this” she explains. “The trainer showed me the membership enquiry feature to check on individual insurance details which is extremely useful as it means I don’t need to call the insurance companies. In the Payments module, the trainer explained really well how to make adjustments to payments, such as a credit, which is an area I had previously found difficult.”

“Another benefit was that after I had given my feedback, I received a post-training pack which covered everything that we had covered in the session and more. Now I have the tools at my fingertips so if I get stuck so I can refer to this rather than calling customer services and waiting for assistance.”"

The training taught me how to navigate the system better and introduced me to features that I wasn’t aware of. I would not hesitate to recommend it to new starters and seasoned Healthcode practitioners alike.

Charlie Russell, PA - General Surgeon, Mr Neil Russell