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Online Payments | Register for patientzone – multiple practitioners

Online Payments

Online Payments | Register for patientzone – multiple practitioners (including medical secretarial and billing sites)

In the ePractice menu click on Settings and then click Integration Services. Click on Register Now and a registration form will open.

Registration form

You can use organisation’s details or the practitioner’s. Some details will be pre-populated, so please check them carefully and complete everything else. The initial screen will list the organisation details and the names of the practitioners that are on the system. You can choose which ones you would like to register, by ticking the box next to their name.

Complete the Organisation Direct Debit Details – this will be where patientzone transfers your funds to and collects your fees from. If you also want the practitioners to use the organisation’s account click the Use Organisation button against the required individual practitioner or tick the Select All box. Some (or all) of your practitioners may want to have their own account – click the Use Practitionerbutton next to their name and enter their email, mobile and bank account details, ensuring these belong to them and no one else. Click Add.

The User Account Details should the person who’ll be logging onto the patientzone website for the organisation. You must ensure that this person is authorised to have access and that the email address is unique to them and not used by anyone else. It’s also important to note that the email address can only be used to register for one site, so if registration is required for a second site, you’ll need to use a separate unique email address.

Remember to tick the consent box at the bottom of the screen and click Submit.

Completing registration

An email will be sent – to confirm the details supplied – to the registered email address for the organisation and also to the practitioners who requested their own account. A text message containing a verification code will be sent to the individual registered mobile numbers. 

Ensure that you follow the process through as soon as you can when you receive the email, as the verification code sent by text will expire after 24 hours.

Click on Verify now and you will be taken to the patientzone website to confirm the email address, create a suitable password and enter the verification code. If your verification code has timed out (which will happen after 24 hours) you can request another by clicking on Resend SMS. Click Activate Account.

Check all the information and complete where necessary. Privacy settings for marketing, customer surveys and research purposes can be turned on. Agree to the terms and conditions by toggling the switch and click Agree and Create Account. patientzone will send another email with a link to sign into the patientzone account.

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