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Revolutionise customer experience with a game-changing approach to pre-authorisation

Revolutionise patient care and eliminate laborious and manual tasks with our game-changing solution to pre-authorisation. We think outside the box so you can put a tick in it. Quickly and securely validate and verify patients for treatments.

Doing it differently


Pre-authorisation is an essential part of the billing process. It is also one of the greatest hindrances to efficiency. But there is good news. For both insurers and hospitals. Pre-authorising eligible patients for treatment needn’t be complex.

Conquer previous authorisation challenges. By adopting our automated solution, you can wave goodbye to time-consuming and tedious manual processes. It’s a game changer. For you, as well as for the patients.

Simply choose the level of pre-authorisation to suit your business.

I’m ready to get started

Begin your journey with us to find a better way to manage your day. Make a positive change in your business. Our team are waiting to help you.

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