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Meet Our Team | Ahmed Khan

Meet Ahmed Khan, Service Delivery Manager ePractice

Can you describe your current role and responsibilities at Healthcode?

I’m responsible for the Healthcode Academy which provides free 1-2-1 online training for our customers. This has involved bringing different aspects together, such as the course materials, staff training and ensuring that we provide a high standard of customer service.

The Healthcode Academy is a great project. Firstly, because it means we can help and support customers who are new to Healthcode or who aren’t aware of everything that our products can do for them. Our purpose is to guide them through the features of ePractice and The Private Practice Register (The PPR) to build their understanding, skills and confidence.

The second benefit is that we have been able to give local youngsters a valuable opportunity to get on the career ladder. We have coached them to be product specialists at the Healthcode Academy so they are able to deliver the 1-2-1 training sessions and resolve customer queries. Three of the apprentices we recruited did so well that we have offered them permanent roles.

What did you do before joining Healthcode – do you have a training background?

One of the reasons I was really interested in the Healthcode Academy is because of my own background. I actually started my career as an apprentice on a front-line helpdesk and used this as a chance to get my foot in the door and learn on the job. I progressed to become installations and training manager at that company and I’ve worked with healthcare and practice systems for over 20 years now.

The best part of my job is making the whole onboarding experience as smooth as possible for new customers, ensuring they receive the help and support they need to get the most out of their system.

What impact has Healthcode Academy made since it was set up?

Since the Healthcode Academy went live in October 2021, it has been really exciting to see it build momentum and volumes have started to surge since January. 
The most popular ePractice module has been Billing (module 2), an hour-long session which shows customers how to take advantage of system shortcuts to make their invoicing more efficient, as well time-saving features such as membership enquiry and how to check the status of an invoice. The most popular module on The PPR side has been the 45-minute Registration course which takes participants through the online registration form needed to set up their profile.

Most importantly, I’m delighted that 99% of the feedback we have had from participants has been good so we are clearly making a positive difference for Healthcode customers. And by empowering customers to do more for themselves, we are freeing-up time for our helpdesk to resolve more complex queries.

How exciting was it to be involved with this project from the start?

The Healthcode Academy is an important project and I’ve loved having the opportunity to put my stamp on it, rather than try and change what someone else has previously put in place. I’ve had some guidance and support from Healthcode, of course, but otherwise they have given me the freedom to draw on my experience and do as I think best.

Why should customers enrol with the Healthcode Academy?

When it comes to IT systems, I understand people can be a bit apprehensive about exploring the capabilities by themselves but that means they don’t really benefit from their investment. By signing up for the Healthcode Academy, customers can be guided through the features and tools in ePractice and The PPR and understand how to make the most of them in their own businesses.

As well as being free, the training is personalised as it takes place on their own system and our product specialists will go at their pace and use non-technical language. It’s easy to register at and we have multiple training slots so a suitable time can be booked. Once the module has been completed, the customer will receive a certificate and a training manual to underpin what has been learned. 
Read all about the available modules and learning outcomes on the Healthcode Academy page of our site.

What is the future for the Healthcode Academy?

The next 12 months will be exciting because there are several new product updates from Healthcode, such as the next generation of ePractice and PPR enhancements. From the Healthcode Academy perspective, there will be a lot more for customers to discover and we are getting ready to support them from the moment these go live.

What do you enjoy most about working for Healthcode?

Previously, I focused on practice management systems so I have relished the experience of working for a bigger company which operates at the heart of the private healthcare sector. It’s been a step up and I’ve enjoyed getting to meet people from across the sector, including within hospitals and insurers. 
It’s also been a joy to see how the Healthcode Academy is making a positive difference for participants by introducing them to features with the potential to save time, effort and transform the way they use Healthcode.

And finally, how do you switch off outside work?

I like to relax and spend time with my family. I was an avid football player when I was younger but now I have two young boys so rather than playing football myself, I stand on the side-lines in the cold watching them play! I also follow my team, Liverpool, attending home and away matches as much as I can.

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