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Electronic billing & collection | Module 2


Billing is one of your most important tasks but we know it’s very time-consuming. This 60-minute module will improve your efficiency and help you free up some time. To get the most out of it you’ll need to have some invoices ready to create during the session.

You must have previously logged in to a live ePractice site using your own username and password, which mustn’t be shared with anyone. All training is done online using Microsoft Teams, so ahead of the session please make sure that the computer you’re using has a working microphone and speaker (or headset).

What you'll cover


Status page
Make the most of the status page and the options available to quickly navigate to those important areas, including the Quick Menu option. Learn how to copy patient and GP details from Invoice Auto-population and create an invoice really quickly (single practitioners only).

Patient details
Learn to add or remove insurers and other contacts linked to patients for billing and correspondence purposes. Discover the benefits of using Membership Enquiry to find or confirm your patient’s membership details.

Find out how to create invoices using the Advanced and Quick eBill options. Discover how an invoice was sent (electronic or paper) and check its status.