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It’s all in the detail.
Data checking with a difference

Supercharge your bill clearing with superior validation. Reduce the burden of admin with sophisticated checks. Bolt-ons helps you take control to increase speed, accuracy and efficiency.

Your Added Extras


Our solutions keep out any invalid invoices from the bill processing system. You supply the criteria to be automatically checked by our system. Any anomalies against the parameters set will mean automatic rejection before reaching the payment cycle.

From combined procedure codes or validating customer membership, to checking pre-authorisation details and setting up contracted tariffs. Our intelligent features in these bolt-ons, adds extra layers of verification to the clearing process. Giving you autonomy over your data.

Take control. Maximise efficiency. Make cost savings.

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Begin your journey with us to find a better way to manage your day. Make a positive change in your business. Our team are waiting to help you.

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