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Collection Service

With easy and secure ways to pay, it couldn't be simpler

Two great solutions to automate payment collection. Anyone using a third-party system can benefit from the Self-pay Collection Service by sending electronic invoices to patients using the Clearing Service. The Shortfall Collection Service, for hospitals and practices, automatically identifies and notifies your patients of any outstanding amounts – so they know as soon as you do.

Better together


Alongside our partners – patientzone – our industry leading technology allows you to automate your patient payment process. Send invoices to your patients electronically - just like you do to the insurers. Not only that. You can also send reminders and your patient has a simple and secure way to make payment online.

But it isn't just about those self-pay invoices. Determining shortfall liability can be tricky, so we've made that once tedious process a dream. No more wading through remittance messages. Our coding know-how identifies exactly what parts of the shortfall the patient is responsible for and they'll be sent an invoice and explanation. By easily identifying and collecting insurer patient shortfalls, you'll be able to use valuable resources elsewhere.

It’s been like having an extra pair of hands. The key benefit has been timeliness. As soon as the payment was shortfalled, the patient was automatically contacted and that was quicker than in the previous manual system because we didn’t have the capacity. It’s been like having an extra pair of hands. And for the first time we were able to give patients the option to pay online and not have to worry about calling us to pay by credit card or arranging a bank transfer. I’d recommend the service to other hospitals.

Denise Turner, The London Clinic

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