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A time-saving programme that does it all

Invoicing insurers and self-payers is a breeze with ePractice according to Ana Coleman, practice manager at Oxford Musculoskeletal Radiology (OMR). Find out why Ana has been so impressed by the features of ePractice Lite and our ‘super-helpful team’.

What they needed


When she joined Oxford Musculoskeletal Radiology (OMR), Ana was completely new to private practice and needed an efficient way to manage the invoice process. The practice’s eight radiologists provide specialised imaging services for a mix of insured and self-pay patients.

Why Healthcode?


When Ana asked around, one name was mentioned over and over again. ‘As I came from an NHS background, I felt like I was starting from scratch,’ she says, ‘but I found out that all the major insurers use Healthcode and I had recommendations from other users.’

Although turning to Healthcode was an easy decision, Ana was new to practice management software and ‘not IT minded’ so she also needed reassurance of expert support to help her make the most of the new system.

Key features


Ana began using ePractice Basic in October 2023 and then decided to upgrade to Lite to take advantage of the additional features, including the ability to view remittances from insurers and manage bulk payments: ‘You do get a lot for your monthly subscription,’ she says.

She’s been particularly impressed with Online payments via patientzone which enables her to invoice self-pay patients and collect shortfalls efficiently.

‘Since I got up-and-running it’s been absolutely brilliant and very easy to use,’ Ana reflects. ‘When we invoice self-payors through the secure platform with the facility to pay online, we’re generally paid quickly so it’s been great for cashflow.’

Membership Enquiry is another feature that she wouldn’t be without. ‘It’s really helpful because confirming the correct insurance details gives me a higher percentage of success rate on my claims,’ she explains. ‘Sometimes, it will say there’s no match but that’s good as it prompts me to check with them.’

Impact on their business


‘Healthcode has already become a valuable resource to the OMR team,’ Ana says. ‘If you did a time management exercise, ePractice would be a big time-saver. It saves me hours in typing out invoices manually, makes invoicing efficient and easy to keep a track of and I genuinely enjoy using it.’

Most importantly for Ana she can have full confidence in the system because she has full back up from Healthcode. ‘Having a help desk that genuinely answers the phone is an asset in itself. The telephone support has been invaluable and the team has and continues to be super helpful,’ she observes. ‘They always answer the phone within a couple of rings and once you’ve explained what you need, they’ll put things into place for you. There are even free tutorials to help if you’re really stuck on how to use a particular feature which was where I learnt how to use bulk payments and remittances.’ The response from the practice team has been positive too, she adds.

A time-saving programme that does it all

Ana Coleman, Practice manager at Oxford Musculoskeletal Radiology (OMR)