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ePractice | Getting Started


Getting started

This is a whistle-stop tour through the main features available to you in ePractice. Not all these features are available to ePractice Basic and Lite subscribers.

For further help check out our Healthcode Academy which offers 1-2-1 online training – discover what modules are available.

Status page

This is the first page you’ll see when logging in and from here you can navigate anywhere using the main menu on the left-hand side. The most useful sections are:

  • Tasks and Reminders – shows you things that need your attention
  • Invoice Auto-Population – this is only available to single practitioner sites and those that subscribe to ePractice Lite or ePractice Pro

Settings & configuration

Click on Settings in the main menu to access:

  • Practice Info – to see your site information including a list of insurers, your recognition status and provider numbers for those that recognise you
  • Practice Settings – this includes areas to set up customised invoice numbering and a feature to stop you accidentally adding duplicate patients
  • User Settings – includes sections for personal settings
  • Integration Services – to register for Online Payments and manage your settings once registered
  • Invalid Procedure Combinations – check what combined (multiple) procedure codes are allowed by Aviva, Bupa, Helix and Vitality
  • Credit Control Insurer Addresses – to add custom details to the insurer’s addresses

Adding your first patient

Click on Patients in the main menu and then click Add Patient to enter the details:

  • Title – the standard form of address used to precede a name
  • First Name – the legal first/given name (as recognised by a government or other legal entity)
  • Last Name – the legal surname/family name (as recognised by a government or other legal entity).
  • Sex – the legal gender; Male or Female
  • Date of Birth – when your patient was born; this can be typed, or you can use the calendar button to find the correct date.
  • Address Type – the three options available are Accounts Department, Home and Office; you can add one of each, if required
  • Address – this is required to be on at least two separate lines
  • Postcode – the postcode of the address being added for the patient; you should also indicate whether the address details are Primary (the main one to be used) or Billing (the address for invoicing purposes) or both, by ticking the boxes next to this field
  • Prefix – if the patient is a child you can add something
  • Contact Details – add phone and email details; you must click the disc icon to save

Click Save on the right-hand side to add the patient to your database. If any necessary information is missing a pop-up box will appear to tell you what you need to enter.

You’ll now see all the tabs that allow you to manage the patient’s account, check their appointments, add or delete insurer details, add GP details, add any contacts or notes and send correspondence.

Adding an insurer

You can send electronic invoices to most of the insurers if you have recognition and a current subscription to the Clearing Service.

  • Click on the Insurer tab and then Click to Add
  • The Insurer Details screen will appear on the right-hand side
  • Click the drop-down box next to Insurer: to choose the insurer – all those above the line accept electronic invoices
  • Add the patient’s Registration Number (policy/membership number)
  • Click Save

Sending an invoice

The easiest way to invoice an insurer is to use Quick eBill – details on how to do this are here.

Healthcode Academy

The Healthcode Academy is run by our friendly and knowledgeable Service Delivery Associates. They offer practical and relevant modular tutorials about our products highlighting the wealth of useful features and help you to use them with confidence. Each free online session uses your own data for real-time examples and lasts between 30-60 minutes. Don’t have the time? Take a look at our bite-sized modules instead.

Learn more about Healthcode Academy

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