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Error messages when using APIs

ICE doesn’t have a front-end interface and the only access to the solution is through our APIs. Here are some of the error messages you may come across with possible solutions. If these don’t work you’ll need to contact your system provider to investigate further – remember to let them know the error message you saw and what you tried.

Why am I getting {"error":"unauthorized","error_description":"Bad credentials"}?

You should check that you’re using the correct Client ID and Client Secret (API key) – these are both case-sensitive.

Why am I getting an HTTP Status 401 – Unauthorized response to API calls?

There are two common reasons why you may be seeing this message.

  1. The software that’s integrated with ICE has correctly authenticated the call and a valid token was used but this has now expired and needs to be refreshed. It’s likely to be this problem if the calls worked for a few minutes before you started getting these messages. The software you’re using needs to automatically refresh tokens when needed – contact your system provider to look into this
  2. You’ve been authenticated and are using the correct Client ID and Client Secret (API key) but the site hasn’t been given access to the correct Booking roles – you’ll need to check your Healthcode Account to make sure you’ve subscribed to ICE

What does ApiCore_DD LB cannot forward your request. Incorrect URL or no healthy targets mean? 

This usually means that the URL is incorrect and could indicate that you’re sending requests to the wrong one. Check the base URL that’s being used – for example, our Sandbox/UAT environment is and Production is htps://

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