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Secure Messaging | Setting up


Setting up

Whilst sending an email is easy, it isn’t secure. For a solution as simple, fast and efficient – but with all the protection you need – use Secure Messaging. If you’re already using one of our products you can transfer confidential and personal information and files with ease to anyone else on our network. This is a professionals-only network and can’t be used with your patients.

In ePractice click on Secure Messaging from the main left-hand menu. In VEDA click on the Messaging tab.

A separate screen will open, defaulted to your Secure Messaging Inbox – you can keep this open in the background while you’re logged in. The menu bar is found on the left-hand side.

Message Settings

This is where you set up Secure Messaging to suit your needs and it’s worth taking the time to do this properly. Click Message Settings on the menu bar.

This section is split into four sections:

  • Preferences
  • Job Title & Department
  • Identification
  • Auto Reply


This is where you set notification and email settings, including the ability to receive a notification to your normal email address when you receive a new secure message. This means that you don’t have to keep it open all the time if you don’t want to. It’s also good to set yourself as visible to others on the Global Directory.

Job Title & Department

Allows you to add your job title, department within your organisation (if applicable) and the email address you want to associate with your Secure Messaging account. Changing the email here will NOT change your email in your Healthcode Account.


You can upload a profile photo if you want. This can be in the formats PNG, JPEG or GIF and should be no larger than 5MB.

Auto Reply

By clicking Yes on the drop-down menu you can set an auto reply message of up to 500 characters that’s sent in response to any secure messages you receive. Useful if you’re on holiday or absent for a period of time.

Once all your settings are updated click Update Settings to save your changes.

Want more support?

Our Service Delivery Associates at the Healthcode Academy offer a 20-minute module to take you through everything. This one’s for you if you use ePractice Lite and Pro and this one’s for VEDA users.

Healthcode Academy

The Healthcode Academy is run by our friendly and knowledgeable Service Delivery Associates. They offer practical and relevant modular tutorials about our products highlighting the wealth of useful features and help you to use them with confidence. Each free online session uses your own data for real-time examples and lasts between 30-60 minutes. Don’t have the time? Take a look at our bite-sized modules instead.

Learn more about Healthcode Academy

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