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Shortfall Collection Service | View Invoices


View invoices sent to patientzone

This is the third tab on the dashboard after clicking the Billing tab, Insurer Feedback and then Collection Service.

This section lists the invoices that have been sent to patientzone for collection with the following columns:

  • Date Created
  • Family Name
  • Payor Name
  • Insurer
  • Date Of Birth (of patient)
  • Invoice No.
  • Amount Due
  • Reminder Status
  • Actions
  • Collection Status

You can filter the list in many ways.

  • Collection Status
    • Any
    • Generated
    • Sent to collection service
    • Received
    • Submission Failure
    • Submission Error
    • Paid
    • Paid (Offline)
    • Closed
    • The invoice has been cancelled
  • Date Of Birth
  • Date Created – with an additional choice of a “to” date
  • Reminder Status
    • All reminder bands
    • None
    • Band 1 Sent
    • Band 2 Sent
    • Band 3 Sent
    • Expired
  • Source
  • Insurer
  • Search Text – use this option to search for a specific name or invoice number; this will only search for things that appear on the screen and not for text within the invoice itself

Understanding the Reminder Status column

You can visually see the reminder status by the colour-coded boxes. Reminders are sent using aged debt bands (1-3) – you determine the timing of these bands.

  • Three empty boxes = no reminders have been sent
  • One green box = the first reminder (Band 1) has been sent
  • Two green boxes = the first and second reminders (Bands 1 and 2) have been sent
  • Three green boxes = all reminders (Band 1-3) have been sent
  • Single yellow box outlined in red = the reminder period has expired – there are no more reminders available to send

Understanding the Collection Status column

This shows the status of the invoice within the process.

  • Generated = the invoice has been intercepted on a remittance advice and is awaiting further processing
  • Sent to collection service = the invoice has been sent to patientzone along with the collection letter
  • Received = patientzone has received the invoice and collection letter and has forwarded these to the payor
  • Submission Failure = the invoice has failed the submission process and can’t be resubmitted without manual intervention
  • Submission Error = an error has occurred while submitting the invoice but the system will retry
  • Paid = the invoice has been paid on the patientzone portal
  • Paid (Offline) = you have received payment by another method and have informed patientzone to remove this invoice from their outstanding items
  • Closed = you have informed patientzone to remove this invoice from their outstanding items

Understanding the Actions column

You can click the icons in the column to perform additional tasks on individual invoices. From left to right these icons show you the following tooltips when you hover the mouse cursor over it: Download Invoice, Pay or Close Invoice, Edit Invoice, Stop Reminders / Start Reminders.

View and/or download an invoice and corresponding collection letter

  • Click the first icon next to the required invoice to open a PDF file in your preferred application
  • Close this after viewing or download the file to a location of your choice, renaming it if you want

Pay or Close Invoice

You can alert patientzone that they no longer need to keep the invoice outstanding on their system by marking an invoice paid or closed. Use this option when it’s been paid to you directly or you want to write it off or remove it for any other reason. At patientzone the invoice balance will be reduced to zero and will no longer be available to pay online. This action is final and can’t be reversed.

  • Click the second icon next to the invoice you want to mark as paid or closed
  • The Updating Invoice pop-up will open showing the invoice number at the top of the pane
  • Click the required option and click Confirm
  • The Collection Status will change to reflect your choice and the icon will be greyed out

Edit Invoice

If the invoice shows a Collection Status of Submission Failure this could be because there’s an issue with the patient’s address, mobile number or email address. You can make the necessary changes directly in the system. You can also make changes to these fields even if the invoice has previously been submitted – perhaps you’ve realised that you were using an incorrect, but perfectly formatted, email address or an old mobile phone number.

  • Click the third icon next to the required invoice
  • The Invoice Details pop-up will open giving you details of what the issue is so you can amend it – you can also update the mobile phone number and email address, even if they didn’t cause the failure
  • Click Save
  • The incorrect invoice will be cancelled and new invoice will be automatically generated and sent to patientzone – there’ll be no change to the invoice number
  • If the update has been successful the Collection Status will change to Sent to collection service


Reminders are sent automatically at intervals you’ve determined, but there may be instances where you would like to override the defaulted timescales. You can stop and start the reminder process as often as you like. When restarting the reminders will continue from where you previously stopped them.

Stop reminders

  • Click the fourth icon next to the required invoice
  • The Stop reminders pop-up will open showing the invoice number at the top of the pane
  • Click Confirm
  • The icon will change colour to red and the reminder process will be paused until you start it again.

Start reminders

  • Click the fourth icon (now coloured red) next to the required invoice
  • The Start reminders pop-up will open showing the invoice number at the top of the pane
  • Click Confirm
  • The icon will change colour to blue and the reminder process will resume

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