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Patient & diary management | Module 2

Managing contacts

Keeping your contact database up to date is important to send correspondence or non-insured invoices easily. From a GP to a next of kin this 20-minute session will show you how to add contacts and link them to one or more patients. To get the most out of the session you’ll need to have at least one contact ready to add and link to a patient.

You must have previously logged in to a live ePractice site using your own username and password, which mustn’t be shared with anyone. All training is done online using Microsoft Teams, so ahead of the session please make sure that the computer you’re using has a working microphone and speaker (or headset).

What you'll cover


We’ll take you through all the steps to add a contact – both a person and an organisation. You’ll also discover how to label a contact as a GP or other type and add a department to a new or existing contact. Importantly, learn how to link and unlink a contact to a patient.