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Meet Our Team | Parminder Kalsi

Meet Healthcode’s Head of Marketing and Communications

How would you describe your responsibilities at Healthcode?

I manage all our marketing and communications as part of a small team. Whether it’s emails, newsletters, organising events, public relations or social media, it all comes under my umbrella.  

We try to communicate with customers in the simplest and most effective way, about products and services, clearly setting out all the features and benefits for them. At the same time, we want to increase engagement by raising awareness and explaining our role at the heart of the private healthcare sector.

How has your past experience equipped you for this role?

During my 14 years in marketing, I’ve worked in both a big corporate and within a small design agency. That’s proved to be ideal preparation: I’ve got the experience to grasp the big picture and I’m able to roll my sleeves up and tackle the practical tasks to achieve our goals.

It’s been quite a busy time since you joined, can you take us through some of the projects you’ve been working on?

I’ve been here for just under two years and the time has flown by!

I think our biggest project – and my proudest achievement – has been our rebranding and creating a new website. This enhances our customers’ experience and showcases everything that we have to offer. Since day 1, I felt there was so much useful information on our website but it was too difficult to access and understand.

We went back to the drawing board and redesigned every aspect so it could fulfil its potential and reflect our bold new brand. Anyone who’s previously visited the site will see a massive change after 3 October. This echoes the huge transformation journey we’re on. 

What changes will visitors see and how will it improve their experience?

We know that a lot of our customers go to only to log in but I think the brand new website is a game-changer and provides a much better experience.

Along with its bright contemporary look, it’s much clearer and easier to navigate so everything you need is just a mouse click or two away. We’ve clearly set out the information so whether you’re a practitioner, practice, hospital or insurer, you can discover exactly what we can offer you. There’s no more technological jargon so everything’s much easier to understand, even for me. We’re also supporting and empowering customers by providing more options for them to contact us in a way that’s convenient for them.  

How does this fit within the transformation programme?

Customer operations is one of the biggest elements of our Transformation Programme. The website is the perfect example of how we’re looking to serve our customers better – a visible sign of the progress we’re making as a company and our mission to improve continuously. The old website really didn’t represent us as we are today but I’m confident that the new one showcases what we can provide and will give us scope to offer new enhancements as we develop.

What do you enjoy most about working for Healthcode?

The team I have around me are great. We gel really well and we’re all prepared to pitch in and help each other. In fact, that goes across the company.

I also love the fact that we’re encouraged to show initiative. I can make the case for doing something and actually make it happen without the red tape that you can sometimes get in big corporates. It means I can really make my mark.

Equally I feel encouraged that the value of marketing is recognised and know we’ll be supported all the way to achieve our goals.

What excites you most about the future at Healthcode and why?

I’m delighted to have the chance to build a team around me as there’s so much more we want to do.

After the last two years, it was phenomenal to be able to host an in-person launch for the website and new brand, rather than doing it virtually. I’m looking forward to holding more events and user groups to find out what else we can do to support our customers.

And finally, how do you switch off outside work?

My husband and I love travelling, especially after experiencing lockdown. We have young kids and we really enjoy sharing different cultures with them, as well as trying different cuisines and restaurants.

Having a family certainly keeps me busy outside work but I love doing lots of creative activities with the kids like painting, crafts and origami. I’m hoping to develop their creativity and my own at the same time.

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