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Meet Our Team | Rebecca Hindhaugh

Meet Healthcode’s Team Manager | Registrations & Coding

Tell us about your current job and responsibilities?

I look after the Registrations and Coding team which works within Customer Operations. We deal with registrations and coding queries which are either transferred from Customer Services through the Salesforce system or sent directly by customers. At the moment, most registration forms are coming from practitioners who want to join The PPR (Private Practice Register).

As Team Manager, my job is to ensure we’re all hitting our service targets and resolving queries in a timely way. I’m also responsible for ensuring everyone is trained and upskilled and keeping them informed about developments within the business that have an impact on their role.

What sort of support do you provide to customers to help them get up and running?

Customers can sign up to our Clearing Service, The PPR or ePractice by completing a registration form on our website although they’ll soon be able to manage all their subscriptions online through their Healthcode Account. We then complete the registration process from our side.

My team can advise customers who are unsure which subscription level is most suitable for their business. We’ll also assist them with the registration process, whether that’s arranging a demo with someone from our Healthcode Academy team, answering queries if they get stuck, or ensuring they have all the necessary information to hand to speed up the process.

Why is it so important that customers use the right clinical codes on their invoices?

Our Clearing Service automatically checks that each invoice complies with the relevant insurer’s requirements, including the use of recognised codes. By using the correct clinical codes, customers can help ensure their invoices are submitted successfully first time and are ready to enter the insurer’s payment cycle.

What support can Healthcode give with coding issues?

It can be really frustrating for customers if an invoice fails so my team are on hand with help and advice. Where possible, we’ll try and resolve coding issues ourselves, such as helping to map a provider’s code associated with a billable item to the appropriate insurer code. At other times, customers need to contact the insurer directly, such as where a service code isn’t recognised. If that’s the case, we’ll inform them and direct them to the right contact as soon as possible. Just raise a coding query on our website and we’ll get in touch. 

What difference has Salesforce made to your part of the business?

It’s been a massive game changer. There’s a much smoother transition from Customer Services to the Coding and Registration teams because Salesforce gives us a full picture of the customer’s journey, such as who they’ve spoken to, what advice they’ve been given etc. That’s more efficient for us and much better for customers as we can respond in a timely manner and they don’t have to explain anything twice.  

It’s also far easier for me to monitor our performance against our targets as the dashboard shows what queries have been picked up and what’s outstanding. That visibility has helped us increase productivity and ensure we can deliver a high-quality service.

What has changed in the time you’ve been at Healthcode?

We’ve grown a lot bigger since I started in 2016 and we’re able to offer much more to our customers, thanks to our transformation programme and our expanding range of products and services. I’ve been here for the launch of The PPR, Healthcode Account, Salesforce and now ICE, our appointment booking solution and I’m excited to see what comes next. I think if we can achieve that much in seven years, what will our journey be like over the next seven?   

What do you enjoy most about working here?

When I joined a colleague said to me: “it sounds a bit of a cliché but we’re a family” and I feel that’s still true. As much as we’ve expanded, we’ve been able to keep that culture and I enjoy coming into the office each day so I can see everyone.

And finally, how do you switch off outside work?

I’ve a five-year-old daughter so I switch directly from work mode to mum mode. I’m always planning days out with her and try to keep the weekends quite exciting. She loves going for walks and arts and crafts, especially the messy stuff although I’ve definitely banned glitter now.  We also do some baking together – I remember we had to learn what to do with the inside of a pumpkin after carving them for Halloween.

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