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Meet Our Team | Richard Aris

Meet Healthcode’s Head of Business Development

How would you describe your role and responsibilities at Healthcode?

As Head of Business Development, I’m responsible for ensuring we look after and develop strong partnerships with all our customers.

I’m determined, after a difficult couple of years of no face-to-face meetings, that my team and I get out to see as many of our customers as possible from all areas of the sector. It’s only by having a detailed conversation with someone that we can truly know how their business works and what their needs are. For me, it’s not about simply selling products but understanding the personal challenges they face and suggesting something that can really make a difference for them.

You joined Healthcode during our Transformation Programme. What’s it like to arrive at such a pivotal moment?

It’s very exciting to be part of this new era for the company. It’s great to see how much commitment and energy is being focused on growth and improvement – from upgrading systems to providing a better customer experience. We’re developing products and services that’ll support the private healthcare industry for years to come. Part of my job is to help communicate our vision for the future. I’ll help ensure our customers are aware of the new and enhanced solutions we’re bringing to market, such as eBooking which is already creating a real buzz.

You began your career in the private healthcare sector. What developments have you noticed in technology since you returned?

I think systems integration has been one of the biggest changes for the better and I’m delighted to say this is an area where we’ve been leading the way as all our technology is interoperable.

I remember where I worked before we had to enter everything manually onto different business systems requiring a great deal of wasted time and effort. Integration enables data to be processed seamlessly which has huge efficiency benefits in terms of time, resources, accuracy and so on. It takes a matter of seconds to check why an invoice failed or the status of a patient, rather than having to dig through a mass of information.

The PPR (Private Practice Register) is a great example. As well as being the one-stop shop for practitioners to store their details and documents, it’s a dynamic online platform enabling them to connect and securely share information with the insurers and hospitals they work with. Paving the way for more collaboration across the sector, it’ll also be the single source of truth for eBooking – perfectly showcasing how integration works across systems.

What do you most enjoy about working for Healthcode?

It’s that moment where I understand what the customer wants and know we have the answer to add value.

I’m particularly excited about the eBooking service we’ll be launching next year. When I’ve spoken to customers about this, they’ve all said it doesn’t really exist in private practice because you’ve got providers on one side and insurers on the other with nothing that directly or online comprehensively links the two. After I tell them about the solution we’re bringing to market, they’ve been really enthusiastic and want to get on board as quickly as possible. In fact, eBooking is such a compelling proposition that it’s one of the reasons I joined. From my days of working in medical insurance, I could see how it could completely change the industry and greatly enhance the insurance members journey. It’s fantastic to have the opportunity to make a difference, not on a silo basis but across the whole sector. It’s a privilege to work for a company that can deliver these ground-breaking solutions because of our unique position at the heart of the sector.

And finally, how do you switch off outside work?

I’m a keen gym goer and as I’m Welsh by origin, I like my rugby. I did play for Cardiff University when I was a student but don’t play anymore – I think my knees and back would take too much of a hammering now.

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