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The PPR | Module 1

Onboarding support | Registration form

If you don’t have an ePractice site, don’t worry. We’ll take you through the online registration form step-by-step and you’ll complete the application by the end of the session.

All training is done online using Microsoft Teams, so ahead of the session please make sure that the computer you’re using has a working microphone and speaker (or headset). It’s also important to have all the necessary information ready before your training. This includes files that you’ll need to upload from your computer. These mustn’t exceed 5MB and must be in one of these formats: PDF, PNG, JPEG or GIF. Here’s a list of what’s required - anything mandatory is marked with an asterisk *:

1. A photograph of you – a formal head shot is suggested
2. An NHS written reference* confirming details of your employment for the following professions:
• Anaesthetist
• Audiologist
• Healthcare Science Practitioner
• Neuropsychologist
• Ophthalmic Science Practitioner
• Orthotist
• Pathologist
• Physician
• Practitioner Podiatric Surgeon
• Psychiatrist
• Radiologist
• Surgeon
Don’t worry If you don’t have a suitable reference you can download our digital template - just complete and save it on your computer before you begin. If you’ve gained your experience with the military, you can submit your Armed Service Vocational/Aptitude Battery certification*.
3. Details are required if you’ve ever had practising privileges withdrawn*.
4. Details are required If you’ve ever been subject to investigations or proceedings by the police or a professional body*.
5. The certificates of any medical/clinical training you have undertaken*.
6. Your current Disclosure and Barring Service certificate.
7. Your current Medical Indemnity Insurance certificate*.