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Electronic billing & collection | Module 3


It’s important to keep track of your finances – you need to know when invoices have been paid and if you need to chase outstanding debt. This 45-minute module will take you through the ways you can manage payments in ePractice Lite and Pro. To get the most out of it you’ll need to have some single payments and at least one bulk payment (a single amount received relating to more than one invoice) ready that can be paid off during the session.

You must have previously logged in to a live ePractice Lite or Pro site using your own username and password, which mustn’t be shared with anyone. All training is done online using Microsoft Teams, so ahead of the session please make sure that the computer you’re using has a working microphone and speaker (or headset).

What you'll cover


Payment tracking
Learn how to manage your payment transactions and understand reallocating shortfalls and non-payments. Discover how to print receipts and shortfall letters

Bulk payments
Find out how to create a bulk payment, allocate payments and deal with unassigned credits.

As well as viewing and printing insurer remittances, you’ll also learn how to make use of the automatic remittance import and reconciliation functionality (known as automatic bulk payment).

Credit control
Learn how to take control of your practice finances to ensure you’re paid for the services you provide in full.

Aged debt bands
Understand how to set different aged debt bands for different types of payors – give yourself the flexibility to control the timings of your reminders.

Discover how to use reminder letters to chase outstanding debt according to the time scales set by your aged debt bands.