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Shortfall Collection Service | Unmatched Remittances


Unmatched remittances

This is the second tab on the dashboard after clicking the Billing tab, Insurer Feedback and then Collection Service.

The automated Shortfall Collection Service matches confirmed patient liability ISSCs on the remittance advice to mapped provider collection messages. When a mapping doesn’t exist the remittance is suspended to allow you time to resolve the issue and any invoices affected are listed under this tab. You should check this section regularly.

For each insurer you’ll see the following:

  • The ISSCs that are unmatched to a collection message
  • The amount that has been identified as a patient liability
  • The insurer description as it appears on the remittance advice

Simply follow these steps to map the appropriate collection message:

  • Click the ICCS you want to match and then click Edit Code at the bottom right of the screen – the Edit Unmatched pop-up will appear, listing all the parameters
  • Click in the Provider Shortfall Code box to display a drop-down menu of your collection messages
  • Use the scroll bar if you need to choose the most appropriate one
  • Click Save and a confirmation message will appear
  • Click X to close

If there isn’t a suitable option available simply add a new message code. See Add a message code in our Maintain Collection Messages for further information on how to do this.

Any invoices featuring the same ISSC from the same insurer will disappear from the Unmatched Remittances list. These have now been sent to patientzone for collection and will appear in the View Invoices section.

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