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The PPR | Hospital Standard service – scope of practice information


View of a practitioner’s partial scope of practice

Information about a practitioner’s scope of practice is a requirement for hospitals and clinics where they either wish to apply for and retain practising privileges or gain employment. 

As part of aligning The PPR with the Medical Practitioners Assurance Framework (MPAF) we introduced a partial scope of practice for practitioners to view the CCSD-coded procedures they’ve undertaken at qualifying hospital and clinic sites, where electronic invoices have been submitted to and verified by the private medical insurers using the Clearing Service. The procedures are displayed using plain language procedure groups enabling staff responsible for governance, who may not have clinical backgrounds, to get a better understanding of activity.

How to access a practitioner’s scope of practice

  • On the landing page use the search features at the top of the page using as many search fields as you want to ensure you find the right person – the options available are:
    • Last name or first name
    • Profession
    • Specialty
    • Sub-specialty
    • Your reference number for them
    • Their unique regulatory or professional body number
  • Click Search
  • Highlight the required practitioner to view details on the right-hand side and click View Profile on the top right-hand side
  • Click on the Scope of Practice tab – this’ll only be visible if the practitioner is registered with the GMC

Scope of practice information

You’ll see the following columns – clicking on the expand icon on the right of the section will open it into a larger frame:

  • Procedure Group – we’ve grouped multiple procedures together into plain language procedure groups
  • Last Recorded – indicates the last time (within three time scales) a procedure within the group was done at any listed site over a 12-month rolling period
    • 1 = within the last month i.e. within the last 30 days
    • 3 = within the last quarter i.e. between 31-90 days ago
    • 12 = within the last year i.e. between 91-365 days ago
  • Your hospital’s name – the number of times the practitioner has performed procedures within that procedure group at your hospital*
  • Other hospital names – for other sites where the practitioner holds/has held practising privileges or are/have been employed there’s a visual cue showing if the practitioner has performed any procedures within the procedure group

*If multiple procedures are undertaken by more than one practitioner during the same theatre session all the procedures will be allocated to the lead practitioner.

Finding your way around the procedure groups

Click on the < icon to the left of a group name – this’ll expand it to show the specific procedures that’ve been performed by the practitioner within that group. The numbers and indicators across the page will change to reflect each procedure rather than the group as a whole.

To expand all the groups at the same time click the + icon next to Procedure Group at the top of the section.

Looking at the numbers for your hospital

Clicking on one of the numbers under your hospital name will display a further breakdown by age groups, showing how many times it was performed on each age segment. Depending on the level on display the numbers will either represent the procedure group as a whole or an individual procedure.

The visual cues for other sites

These indicate whether or not a particular procedure – or any procedure within the group – has been performed at any of the other sites. You won’t see the actual figures.

  • Red cross icon – this procedure hasn’t been performed at that site; at procedure group level it means that none of the procedures listed within that group have been performed
  • Green information icon – this procedure, or at least one of those listed at group level, has been performed at that site

Clicking on the green information icon will show if the procedure (or procedures in a group) has or hasn’t been performed at that site for the listed age groups.

Hospital group view

If you’re a user at hospital group level and the group has a Standard service subscription to The PPR, you can see the number of procedures undertaken at each of the hospitals within the group where the practitioner has/had practising privileges or are/were employed. You can still see the visual cues for any hospitals outside the group.

You can also see an additional column, highlighted in blue, that totals up the numbers from all the hospitals in the group. Clicking on the numbers in this column will show the combined age group data.

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