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An effortless way to invoice self-pay patients

If you’re looking for a secure and convenient way to manage your self-pay invoices, we have important news. You can now send electronic invoices to patients using our Online Payments solution. Thanks to a seamless integration between the Clearing Service and patientzone, we’ve now extended the highly popular service to the practitioners, hospitals, practices and clinics who currently use third-party software.

Recent surveys show how important the self-pay market is to the sector. YouGov found that 13% of British people had personally paid for private healthcare services in the previous year – most using disposable income or savings – and LaingBuisson’s research found that 53% of respondents believed the self-pay market would grow by 10-15% in the next three years.

If you want to embrace this opportunity, you’ll need our online invoicing and payment service. This is more efficient, cost-effective and secure than alternatives like printing and posting paper invoices, sending unencrypted emails, or paying for a merchant account with card processing fees. You won’t pay any transactional Clearing Service charges but will pay patientzone a transaction fee of 2.5% per paid invoice (+ VAT) and a charge of 10p (+VAT) for each reminder letter sent.

It’s a convenient option for your patients too, ensuring their episode of private care ends on a positive note. Your co-branded collection notice or reminders are sent by email or text with a unique link so they can access the secure patientzone website and pay what’s due. They’ll receive an electronic receipt and you’ll get confirmation as soon as the invoice is settled.

After our Clearing Service paved the way for the private healthcare sector to adopt electronic invoicing for insurers, we now want to support this transition in the growing self-pay sector through our ongoing partnership with patientzone.

Want to know more?

To find out how our online payment solution can help you manage your self-pay invoices, contact our Business Development team.  

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