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Automate Your Routine

Major insurers prefer the efficiency and security of electronic billing to paper invoices and many recommend Healthcode’s Clearing Service as the easiest way to make the switch.

Of course, e-billing has additional benefits for practices too, such as knowing that your bill has been successfully submitted online to the correct department and is likely to be processed and paid more quickly than an invoice sent by post. 

But why stop there? Submitting electronic invoices is just one aspect of financial and patient management that can be automated. But by opting for one of Healthcode’s subscribed plans – ePractice Lite and Pro – you can save time and reduce costs on a variety of routine tasks.

Here are a few other examples of how technology can boost admin efficiency.

Verify patients’ insurance policy details

Rather than calling around to check someone’s policy number and address, you can use Membership Enquiry to look up their details online against the insurer’s database and confirm that they are a member of a valid scheme.

Take advantage of invoice short-cuts

If you treat patients in a hospital setting, it’s likely you will be able to search for them on the system and generate an invoice pre-populated with the correct patient and episode details. All you need to do is add your own fee. Invoice auto-population is possible thanks to Healthcode’s secure integration and relationships with insurers and hospitals.

Allocate payments received

Payments from an insurer can be assigned to the correct invoice in a few clicks using payment tracking or bulk payments when the amount received covers several invoices. If there is a shortfall, the system prompts you to re-allocate the debt and create a shortfall letter which automatically shows the invoice details and outstanding balance.

Obtain up-to-date financial information

When it comes to practice finances, uncertainty can be damaging. By contrast, easy access to accurate information puts you in control. It’s even better if you can choose from a range of reporting options, including chargeable activity, invoices, payments and outstanding debtors.

Want to know more?

To find out how our technology can help improve the efficiency and security of your practice, contact our Business Development team.

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