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Meet Our Team | Sam Lawrence

Meet Healthcode’s Senior Business Development Manager

How long have you been working for Healthcode?

I started in 2015 as a Customer Services Agent and have since worked my way up through the business. I transferred to the Business Development team after about two and a half years to focus on our practice management system ePractice, before moving to the corporate side during the pandemic as a Business Development Manager working with insurers and hospitals. I was further promoted to Senior Business Development Manager in April 2023. 

Tell us more about your current role?

There are three main aspects to my job. The first is managing our day-to-day relationships with corporate accounts, including insurers, large hospitals groups and independent hospital providers. That means that beyond the usual process of contacting Customer Services, I’m the main contact for them here in case they have any priority issues that need to be resolved urgently, or anything that needs to be escalated.

The second part is to understand customers’ business operations and identify where our solutions can make a difference. As well as speaking regularly with invoicing department contacts, I also have monthly meetings and make site visits to update their tech and finance teams on new releases and present our development roadmap. A number of insurers and hospitals are looking at the technology side of their business right now which gives me an opportunity to discuss time-saving solutions like online Pre-Authorisation. I’m also getting out and about to talk about ICE, our integrated channel exchange that’s set to transform the booking process for private healthcare. We’ve just started final testing so it’s a great time for hospitals and insurers to get on board.

Last but not least, part of my role as a Senior Business Development Manager is to provide support and share my knowledge and experience with the rest of the Business Development team. I enjoy being able to help and support them where possible, especially when it comes to building their product knowledge so they can give the best advice to customers.

How do you make a difference for customers? Can you give an example?

I enjoy working with customers to resolve any ongoing issues they might have, whether that’s an internal pain point, or improving efficiency in certain processes. Being able to then help a customer with these areas by implementing one of our solutions gives me great satisfaction. For instance, I recently set up a trial of our Premium Service Package for a large hospital group because I thought they’d benefit from the additional functionality available. In the end, the upgrade proved to be a bit of a no-brainer from their perspective, and they’ve been able to reduce the amount of time and effort they need to spend on invoicing resulting in improved efficiency.

Another example is our Shortfall Collection Service which has been implemented by a few hospitals since we launched it and is currently generating a lot of interest. As soon as the solution has been discussed and presented it’s really clear to see the benefits it can have for a hospital, so they often can’t wait to have it in place. Those who’ve implemented it have seen an immediate impact because there’s no longer any need for them to spend time manually generating and sending invoices, letters and reminders, as the  service hugely automates the overall process.

What do you love about working for Healthcode?

The company culture here is great because everyone gets on and tries to help each other. Although we work in different teams, there’s no silo thinking – you can ask people from other teams to jump on a call and they’re quite happy. The career progression is good too. If you have the ambition and prove you’re capable then they’ll help you get where you want to be.

Most of all, it’s exciting to be part of a growing company that’s making a mark in our sector. When I joined, we were all crammed into a small office in Staines but we’ve made so much progress since then. Our new offices may be just down the road but it feels like we’ve come such a long way.

And finally, how do you switch off outside work?

Before joining Healthcode I spent some time travelling in South East Asia. That’s more difficult these days, but I still like to go away two or three times a year and try to explore new places.

I play five-a-side football once a week – due to a couple of bad ankle injuries 11-a-side is no longer possible for me unfortunately. I’m always out and about walking my dog in different places in the UK, but most of my free evenings and weekends are spent on house renovations. I’ve just bought a Grade II listed cottage which is about 300-400 years old and I’m trying to make good what’s there and bring the property back to life. It’s mainly a solo project doing all the work myself, and I think it’ll keep me busy for a couple of years!

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