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ePractice | Adding linked contacts to your patient


Insurers and other linked contacts

When adding a patient to your database it’s important to know the people responsible for paying any invoices you raise. You can send electronic invoices to most of the insurers if you have recognition and a current subscription to the Clearing Service. Even if the patient is coming to you as a self-pay they may ask you to send the invoice to someone else – so you need to capture those details.

Contacts aren’t just for invoicing. There can be other practitioners involved in the patient’s treatment, embassies, next of kin or anyone else that you may need to contact. Some of these contacts will be unique to the patient and others can be chosen from your global list.

Our guide on Getting Started takes you through the basics of ePractice, including adding a patient. Our guide on Adding contacts takes you through the options of creating your contact list directly from Contacts on the main menu.

To look for a patient already in your database click on Patients on the main menu and then click Patient List. Use the filters to refine your search, select the patient from the list and click Patient Details at the bottom of the preview pane.

Linking an insurer

  • Click on the Insurer tab and then Click to Add
  • The Insurer Details screen will appear on the right-hand side
  • Click the drop-down box next to Insurer: to choose the insurer – all those above the line accept electronic invoices
  • Add the patient’s Registration Number (policy/membership number)
  • Click Save

Linking a contact to a patient with no previous links

  • Click the Contacts tab then Click to Add
  • A pop-up screen will appear showing all available contacts in your database on the left-hand side with a handy index at the top and a filter – useful when you’ve lots to choose from
  • If the contact you want is already in your list click on it – the details will appear in the preview pane on the right-hand side
  • Click Link Contact to Patient on the bottom right of the screen
  • You’ll be taken back to the Contacts tab and the linked contact will be on the left-hand side – highlighting it will display the details in the Contact Details preview pane on the right
  • To add a contact that isn’t in your list click View/ Link/ Edit and follow the steps shown in Adding Contacts

Linking a new contact to a patient

  • Click the Contacts tab then View/ Link/ Edit at the bottom right of the pane
  • Follow the steps above

Want more support?

Our Service Delivery Associates at the Healthcode Academy can take you through a 20-minute 1-2-1 session on everything you need to know about your contacts database. Check out the module here.

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The Healthcode Academy is run by our friendly and knowledgeable Service Delivery Associates. They offer practical and relevant modular tutorials about our products highlighting the wealth of useful features and help you to use them with confidence. Each free online session uses your own data for real-time examples and lasts between 30-60 minutes. Don’t have the time? Take a look at our bite-sized modules instead.

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